FredHarvey.org has been created for people to share and preserve information associated with the Fred Harvey Company: its people, its landmarks, its architechture & art, its impact on society, and so forth. 

The site may be used to store actual documents, communicate with the extended family, record information about Fred's descendants, or for whatever purpose you see fit. 

 It can also be used by Fred's descendants to keep track of one-another.

You Can Help

This site is decentralized and needs YOUR HELP.

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Send an email to admin(at)fredharvey.org, identifying either your relation to Fred (spouses welcome), or your reason for participating (author, historian, etc.).


Call Daggett Harvey at +1 312 324 0099

You'll normally receive a login within a few hours.  

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Sharing Photos & Documents

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if your information is appropriate for a public encyclopedia, then it may be better to add it to Wikipedia's page on Fred Harvey Company History or the section on Noteworthy Fred Harvey Hotels & Restuarants. However, if you are confused by Wikipedia, or the information doesn't belong there, we encourage you to store it on this site:

  • Company History
    • Hotels & Restaurants: History & Current Renovations

  • Family History
    • Family TreeA hierarchical view of Fred Harvey's Descendants.

Additional Resources

  • FredHarvey.org [http://blog.fredharvey.org blog]. You can freely comment on existing postings, but if you want to make new postings you'll have to [http://blog.fredharvey.org/wp-login.php?action=register register] first. It only takes a minute.

External Resources

* University of Arizona: Fred Harvey Collection

* Wikipedia: Fred Harvey Company

HarveyHouses.net: A Harvey House home page

Harvey Girl Historical Society

La Posada Hotel in Winslow, Arizona (see the history section)

Backup Admin Wanted

Daggett Harvey, III the creator of this site is seeking a backup admin. If you have domain management experience, please e-mail: daggett.harvey.iii(at)fredharvey.org.